Enjoy the splendid Holidays in the area of Southern Highlands

bed and breakfast BowralIf you are planning for a short trip somewhere in Australia, Bundanoon is the best place to be. It is a charming village located in the Southern Highlands and is a perfect holiday spot for all the members of the family irrespective of the age. Bundanoon offers something for everyone and can be visited at any time of the year.

If you are planning to visit during November, you would be able to witness one of the largest cycling events in Australia that has more than 2000 cyclists from all over the world. You can also hire a bike yourself and go around the beautiful village. By visiting in April, you would be able to a part of great international entertainment event comprising of performances of a Scottish team. This is a very popular event and many people visit Bundanoon just to see this. During winter, there are also many hobby courses offered to the tourists and one would really enjoy by being a part of it. There are other music events and other entertainments events as well. Come spring and you can visit some the best colourful gardens of Australia and that is a rare sight. Busses are available that take you to all the gardens. There is also the Morton National park where there are various varieties of flora and fauna as also the 20 minute Glow Worm Walk.

In order to be a part of any of these events, it is important you stay near their starting points and if you are looking for the best motel Bundanoon, log on to http://www.bundanoonlodge.com.au/ and this also offers pet friendly accommodation Southern Highlands. This lodge offers luxurious accommodation at affordable rates and even offer wedding accommodation Southern highlands. So if you are looking for a perfect bed and breakfast Bowral, this is the place to be. 

Motel BowralWhen life feels eager to have a break from the monotony of busy city life, people like to spend their holidays in some serene place that can offer peace of mind and body with the modern day luxury and facilities. Australian people are lucky in this matter. When they feel to relax in a calm and cool place they visit southern island which is near to Sydney by car.

Bike rides Southern Highlands

There are many attractions of southern island apart from being an ideal holiday destination. Morton national park is situated in this very place which is also one of the largest parks of NSW. The wildlife ambience of the place makes it a special location to be at. Several rivers at this place, make southern island soothing to visitors.
The Bundanoon bike rides are another attraction of southern islands that happen every year and attract many bike enthusiasts apart from tourists. Apart from these events, other events like Brigadoon, winter ramble, country music festival, garden ramble are the events that attract many people here in Southern island every year.

Wedding Accommodation Southern Highlands

Bike rides Southern HighlandsThough the place is an official country side, but the accommodation here are not less luxurious. When it comes to luxury accommodation Bowral serves the best to the visitors. The hotel rooms that are  provided to visitors are spacious enough and all are equipped with room gas heating facilities. Lounge with log fire, gym with sauna and library are the added advantages of the arrangements at the bed & breakfast Bowral lodges. Articulately designed gardens give the visitors chance to enjoy the birdlife of the surroundings by sitting on the lap of nature. Tourists who think of visiting with their pets are also welcome as the accommodation providers provide separate arrangements for the pets with food catered in a well manner.  In terms of beautiful wedding accommodations, Bundanoon Lodge is a beautiful hotel with homely ambiance and friendly staffs. 

Motel BowralSydney is already a hit holiday destination. But there are certain locations near the main city of Sydney that are getting famous as tourist spots. Hours of distance from the city of Sydney and Canberra, Bowral has made its mark as a great holiday destination in recent times.

Find Your Dream Accommodation Bowral

Bowral is a great place to be at with friends and family to spend quality time and the holidays spent in here the most memorable. Long or short, whatever may be the duration of a holiday; it must be spent at Bowral to get the actual and ideal feel of holidaying.

Bundanoon Lodge - The Perfect Example of Motel Bowral

Hotel BundanoonTo spend the leisure here, travelers can stay in the motels of Bowral. Keeping the heavy foot fall of travelers every year in mind the staying arrangement of this place has grown adequately. Apart from motels, there are good numbers of lodges and pubs in Bowral.
To provide the travelers the ultimate comfort and luxury, the lodges of this place are made with utter attention. The rooms of these lodges are large enough to stay comfortable size wise. Apart from being large in size, the rooms are perfectly equipped with luxurious and modern fixtures to assure the visitors about comfortable staying in Bowral.

Motels in Bowral Offer the Perfect Pet Friendly Accommodation

To gift the travelers greatly with relaxing therapies, the lodge authorities include services like sauna as well as gymnasium. Lounge with log fire facility, availability of library and large and colorful gardens are added advantages of these lodges in Bowral. All the rooms are included with verandahs that give chances to the visitors to enjoy the sunny moments of day.

Accommodation Southern HighlandsThe Bowral lodges also provide pet friendly accommodation so that the visitors can enjoy their holidays with their pets. Because of surrounding natural beauty and great staying facilities, weddings at Bowral are taking place in a large number every year.

ean-386339-4517015_14_b-sr-602x450Bundanoon is famous and well-known as a wonderful village that is known for various adventures and brilliant experience. So when you stay here, the finest accommodation needs to be provided. For accommodation Bowral and golf holidays Mossvale, the best would be accommodation Southern Highlands in B&B. Pet Friendly Accommodation is provided here. You can surely experience an amazing holiday here. It is a luxurious lodge that has great space. For colder weather, you will be provided with a gas heating facility here.

 Pet Friendly AccommodationIn the lounge you can find a library, log fire, sauna and a gym as well. You can relax in an amazing way in the verandas here so that a pleasant sight of the beautiful birds can be viewed by you. The services that they offer are priced reasonably. To check for the latest special deals it is better that you contact them.

Hotel Bundanoon The rooms here are known to be classified into various categories like Swedish room, Tuscan room, Japanese room, Australiana room and New Zealand room. The room rates charge between $120 to $175. Various facilities will be provided to the guests that include king/ queen bed, television, sofa bed, refrigerator, tables, chairs, iPod player, tea/ coffee machines and various other facilities that will perfectly suit the needs of the guests.The interior of every room is designed in a stunning way and this will definitely make your trip a memorable one. Depending on different categories, the capacity of every room also keeps changing. You can definitely experience a luxurious stay at reasonable rates. If at all the next time you decide to stay here. Do not forget to experience the hospitality at the esteemed Bundanoon lodge. The calm and soothing environment of this place will surely be liked by you and the experience is divine. 

Bundanoon LodgeWant to get comfortable in the southern highlands? Well if so, Bundanoon lodge is the perfect destination for you! Equipped with all the modern amenities, the lodge makes sure that you will get only the best services in it. Initially started off as a simple lodge, the owners have tried to expand it because of the huge positive response that it has been getting in the recent times. People love each and every service by the lodge and some of them even mentioned their will to get married in the beautiful natural environment here. This gave the owners a new idea which involved wedding accommodation Southern highlands.

luxury accommodationThe southern highlands are already very famous for a number of outdoor activities including bike rides southern highlands. This was the major reason why luxury accommodation Bowral was set up to enable these bikers stay luxuriously after their hectic bike drive. However soon the area became a major hub for other people too who enjoyed outdoor activities like camping and enjoying natural beauty. In such a scenario, Bundanoon lodge came up as the premier place to enjoy accommodation luxuriously.

Some of the other benefits of staying at the lodge include:

  • High security: While staying at the lodge, you are given high security at all times. There is a 24 hour security system which ensures the safety of its customers.

  • Pet friendly accommodation: It is the first times that can luxury accommodation is providing such a facility. Normally when you go out to enjoy a trip, you have to leave behind your pet at home. This causes a lot of problem. Keeping this in mind, Bundanoon lodge have come up with a pet friendly accommodation that is suitable for the guests. A separate accommodation is prepared for the pets.

motel BowralThis might be the most exciting news for a number of people who are worried about their pets all the time when they are on vacation. Pets become an integral part of the family and when it comes to parting away from it, it becomes the most painful moment for many. In some of the cases, people even hesitate in planning out vacation because they are worried about their pets. But how about you can take your pets with you? I know this might be the happiest news for many people and most of them will even be surprised. But you heard it right! Bundanoon lodge is now offering the facility of pet friendly accommodationin the Southern Highlands.

Services offered in pet friendly accommodation!

Bundanoon lodge has offered its latest services of pet friendly accommodation which implies that now your pets can even stay with you! However there is a separate section for pet accommodation which might be at certain distance from your room. The lodge owners make it a point to ensure that your pets are treated well and they too get the luxurious services that you are paying for!

These pet accommodations are available only with the accommodation Bowral and not with the motel Bowral services. When booking the lodge for the first time, you can inform the owners about your requirement and a separate room for you as well as the various requirements for the pet will be arranged immediately. So now while traveling you don’t have to worry about your pet. AT the lodge, you can pay him visits, take him to walks and spend as much time as you want. The only restriction is that you cannot take your pet to your room or in the common corridor.

Bundanoon lodge is one of the most luxuries accommodations in Bowral. Known for a number of facilities, the lodge guarantees its customers with a never before experienced service. Moreover if you are not an expert in holiday planning, you can even contact the lodge staff to arrange a great holiday for you. All you need to do is specify your requirements and the lodge staff will ensure that you get all the fun in your trip. Set up in the suburbs of Sydney, the lodge guarantees luxuries that one can only think off!

Benefits of Bundanoon lodge:

  • The perfect golf holiday: Along with some of the most sought out holiday packages, the golf holiday packages are the ones that people die for. Golf holidays Bowral is one of the perfect packages that are ideal for golf lovers from all over the world. The package involves staying at one of the golf apartments which is luxurious in all the senses. These apartments are surrounded by golf fields on all the sides which make it feasible for the game lovers to enjoy it at any time.

  • Pet friendly accommodation Southern highlands: Bundanoon lodge offers pet friendly accommodation in the suburbs of Sydney. Most of the people are worried about their pet when they go on vacations. However the lodge provides you the facility of not to do so by providing a separate accommodation for pets. This luxury luxury takes care of all the amenities of your pet and make sure that they are fed properly according to your demands. You can be with your pet all the time only taking them inside the residences in yet not allowed.

  • Hotel accommodation: Along with the packages and other facilities, the lodge also provides its customers with the facility of residing in hotel Bundanoon rather than booking for an apartment.



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